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DIVA Dumps Services

It is our pleasure to provide dump trucks to serve your need.  Dump trucks are currently DIVA Dumps, LLC's primary service. 

We have plans to expand into other service areas in the near future. DIVA Dumps, LLC's, dump truck 

services includes hauling asphalt, demolition waste, dirt, gravel, rock, sand, stone, etc... 

Let DIVA Dumps, LLC provide dump truck services for you the DIVA way!

We look forward to working with you!


Dump Trucks are DIVA Dumps, LLC's initial service. 

DIVA Dumps, LLC will gladly haul your asphalt, demolition waste, dirt, gravel, junk, millings, rock, sand, stone, etc... Our prices are competitive. Come and experience dump trucks the DIVA way! 

DIVA Dumps, LLC has expanded!!! 

Men, women, boys, and girls all know that when you have to "go",

you have to "go". 

So, why not "go" with style in a fresh and clean portable toilet by DIVA Dumps, LLC. 

Experience personal dumping the DIVA way!

In addition, we can serve your roll-off open dumpster container needs whether big or small

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