About Us


We pride ourselves on delivering "Best In Class" environmental and waste management solutions to all our customers, whether they are a nationwide company or a local business.


Executive Team

Antoine Smith

Board Of Advisors

Stacey Robinson 





Driven  -  "Driven" by passion and relentless determincation, DIVA Dumps, LLC exceeds expectations amd make lasting impacts, defining our brand.


Intentional - Our core value of being "Intentional" drives DIVA Dumps, LLC to purposefully pursue excellence, innovate with focus, and make a difference in all our project engagements


Viable -  Grounded in commitment to being "Viable," DIVA Dumps, LLC embraces sustainability and adaptability, ensuring that our actions create enduring value for all stakeholders. 


Accountable -  Embracing accountability, DIVA Dumps, LLC upholds transparency, integrity, and responsibility in all we do, fostering trust, reliability, and excellence to honor our commitments and surpass aspirations. 

We offer efficient logistics and waste management solutions.