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Our Story

DIVA Dumps, LLC is a new company created in June, 2017 to serve the Charlotte, North Carolina and surrounding area construction community  and individual needs.  Founder, President & CEO Mrs. Robinson was inspired to enter into the allied construction industry to pay homage to her late mother and  maternal grandfather whom were creatively gifted in using their hands to build homes, churches, detached garages, remodel interior residential designs, sewed,

upholstered furniture, etc... 

DIVA Dumps, LLC is a full service dump truck company.  By design we aspire to provide all of your dumping needs.  We currently provide dump truck services with plans to expand into other services in the near future. Dump truck services includes hauling asphalt, demolition waste, stone, rock, gravel, sand, dirt, etc...  Let DIVA Dumps, LLC provide  dumping services for you... the DIVA way!

Our Mission

At DIVA Dumps, LLC, we are driven in our mission to serve businesses, individuals, governmental agencies, 

and organizations by providing an impeccable hauling and waste removal service experience 

resulting in 100% satisfaction from our customers.  

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at DIV​A Dumps, LLC is embedded in the fact that we strive to have a daily corporate culture worthy of only the best team.  We commit to being a company of the highest standard of service, encompassed by ethical practices, positive spirits of gratitude, professionalism, and self-motivation as we work with our customers.  While we understand that profitability is essential to our future success, we believe that as we grow so will our dedicated and loyal staff.   We expect exceptional's

the DIVA way!

Our Vision

It is our vision to become the premier 

logistics and waste management company 

within the Southeastern Region of the 

United States of America.

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