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DIVA Dumps, LLC is an African American, woman owned company here to serve your dumping needs.  

At  DIVA Dumps, LLC we

provide roll-off dumpsters, portable toilets, and more the DIVA way!



Hand Wash/Sanitizing Stations

DIVA Dumps, LLC's hand wash/sanitizing stations are an easy to use way of  preventing the spread of germs, infection, and in today's world - COVID!  We will gladly supply your project with one of our handy cleaning stations. With our competitive pricing you can't go wrong. So, come and experience the DIVA way!

Portable Toilets

DIVA Dumps, LLC has expanded!!! Men, women, boys, and girls all know that when you have to "go", you have to "go".  So, why not "go" with style in a ref reshingly clean portable toilet by DIVA Dumps, LLC.  Experience personal dumping the DIVA way!

Roll-Off Open Dumpster Containers

Roll-Off Open Dumpster Containers round out the services offered by DIVA Dumps, LLC.  Give us a call if you are a contractor remodeling or building a new structure, an individual needing to clean out your garage, attic, or basement, or a company needing to remove old supplies, furniture, etc... DIVA Dumps, LLC welcomes your call and the opportunity to work with you... the DIVA way!

Portable Septic Storage Tanks

DIVA Dumps, LLC makes using the restroom in your construction trailer a breeze with our portable septic storage tanks.   You fill it up and we will pump it out!  As your trusted trade partner you receive a convenient service you can count on, it's the DIVA way!

© 2022  DIVA Dumps, LLC

624 Tyvola Road,

Suite 103-175,

Charlotte, NC 28217


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